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Puppy Contract 

Purchase agreement  Boro Bordeaux 

Date:                                                   Litter

Litter Registration:                           Birth date:


Sex:  Female/Male

Price:$                                                  Holding fee:$

Balance Due at pick up $

Breeder (Seller): Angela Foster


Phone: 740-851-2110

(Please Print Clearly )

 Buyer Name:




In Consideration of a purchase price of $         of which $         Is a non-refundable Holding fee of above listed Puppy, the breeder transfers all rights and responsibilities associated with the ownership of Above listed Puppy to Buyer as of the Date specified above.

 No other warranties or guarantees, expressed or implied, are made under this contract except as stated below.

No cash refunds are given, Buyer is responsible for all vet care cost after puppy leaves our home. Puppy must be seen by buyer’s veterinary within 72hrs(business hours ) of purchase. If anything is found to be medically wrong with the puppy the seller will take the puppy back and offer 100 % refund with written diagnoses from licensed veterinarian

After 72 hours of the health guarantee period, the seller cannot be held accountable for future diagnosis of any other bacterial or viral infectious diseases, giardia, parasites, or fungus, Parvo since these can be contracted anywhere in the environment after leaving our home and are not a result of genetics or breeding. Buyer accepts all responsibility for protection of puppy from said, diseases, illnesses, parasites, and fungi.

Puppy was examined by Fayette Veterinary and health exam was completed, and copy given to the buyer. All our puppies are sent home with 30 days free trial pet insurance through Trupanion. This must be activated within the 24hrs the puppy arrives at he/she new home. Offer code for Trupanion  BR1SB42321. - Buyers should call us to activate the offer (855.266.2156)Activation needs to happen within 24 hours of pickup! They can activate on either the day before, day of, or day after go home

In event puppy would pass away within first 12 months of life, the Seller request an Autopsy/Necropsy be performed at the expense of the Buyer to determine cause of death was Hereditary/Congenital. If Necropsy /Autopsy is not performed this contract is null & void. If Breeder is still breeding a replacement puppy of equal value will be provided when available of equal cost value when available , No cash refunds are provided. The seller is not responsible for any veterinary care of this puppy. 

Large breed puppies it is important they are put on a large breed puppy or a adult food . We add vitamin c to our puppies food it can be found at Maintaining slow growth is vital for their hips and joints .  For proper growth be sure puppy is on correct diet,  do not over exercise you puppy , no stairs or jumping off couches . A document on  Panosteitis ( growing Pains )  is common in large breed dogs please review document provided..

This Puppy is being sold as a pet only home ( All our puppies are sold as pets unless discussed prior to purchase )  _____Or With  Breeding rights ______. This pet is registrable through __________  organization  Even if puppy is sold with rights seller can not guarantee future reproduction of this puppy/dog . If you purchase a "Pet Only pet you are not granted any Breeding rights either litters or studding of your male . Pet only means a companion pet only no breeding or studding . If your are sold  your Bordeaux as Petonly you will be subject to a full breeding rights charge of ________. We suggest waiting until your Bordeaux has reached adult maturity before spaying or neutering based on recent studies released on side effect of early spaying/neutering in L- Xl breeds prior to reaching adult size ( 2 years old in this breed )    ___________ Initial

If puppy is not kept up to date on vet care this contract is also null and void.

 The puppy  was examined by Fayette Veterinary Services on __________ and found to be free of disease and parasite and cleared to go to new family . The dog has been Vaccinated as appropriate for age,dog must have booster vaccines to be considered fully protected from contagious disease. Please do not take your puppy to public areas until puppy is fully vaccinated!

The dog has been implanted with a microchip,  Microchip ID  #       .

The Buyer agrees to maintain the dog in a humane environment and to properly train and care for it. The dog is to receive proper vet care and immunizations throughout its life. The dog will not be allowed to roam and will be socialized and properly trained.

If at any time the Buyer becomes unable/unwilling to keep the dog, the breeder must be notified and reserves the right to reclaim the dog with registration papers and vet records.

The buyer may not Euthanize the dog unless recommended by a licensed vet and seller must be notified prior. The reason we require this is because we would never want a dog to be euthanized over something treatable !

We love our puppies please keep us posted you can call, text, Facebook we are always available for questions my cell phone is 740-851-2110

 If any legal issues must be brought to Hillsboro Ohio, the buyer came to our home, meet our family and parents of their puppy and by purchasing was comfortable in their experience. 

Signed on this date of

Owner/Buyer   .

SellerAngela Foster

Your puppy is currently eating  Diamond Large Breed Puppy 

We feed 3 times a day currently according to age on back of the bag .

Your puppy was dewormed at:

2 & 4 week with Pyrantel

6 & 8 weeks with Fenbendazole

Your puppy was treated at 21 days and 4 weeks with Baycox as coccidia prevention.

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